I have started sleeping only 4 hours like clockwork

  • I love flux and have been using it for years and would love to keep using it. I started sleeping 4 hours about 8 months ago. I am seeing a doctor and have been told I need to stay up late enough so I wake up the same time every day. So I am now staying up to 2 am to make it to 6 am. I was still using flux as I like my lights at night to feel more like a fire instead of the sun. But the problem lies in the fact I was getting tired way too soon and going to bed at 10 and then waking up at 2am. I noticed if I keep turning flux off for an hour and start it a few hours before bed I can make it really easy to my bedtime. I just want to either fix my 4 hour sleeping or make flux work for me. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • From my recent observation, I have concluded my wake time in f.lux (not actual) should be based on when I want f.lux to activate... for me, that's 3 hours before bedtime.

    If your bedtime is 2 am and you want f.lux to activate 2 hours before (i.e., midnight), then set your wake time at 9 am. If your bedtime is 2 am and you want f.lux to activate 3 hours before, then set your wake time at 8 am.

    That said, as a fellow sufferer of insomnia, my strategy is to get my circadian clock back on track. That means ALL blue lights off 3 hours before my desired bedtime (even if I wake up at 3 am). I fear you may be unintentionally adding fuel to the fire and strongly advise against that. Google is loaded with root causes and advice on how to cure the annoyance... it goes way beyond our electronics. F.lux has been a huge help to me but I'm still struggling. Good luck!

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