Hi guy, I have a question, please help.

  • I love f.lux, but I've stopped using the location feature a long time ago. It started when I was living far north and the days could be very short or very long depending on the year. In those cases, having the latitude in f.lux made it almost unusable. If there is only 2 hours of daylight, I don't need "help" getting tired early. Similarly, if the day is really long, I'd prefer f.lux to give me some red light in the evening even though there's a blue sky. I live further south now, but still like my ideal day length instead of tying it to the season.

    Am I the only one feeling this way? Is there any research suggesting that it should follow the sunrise/sunset rather than an "ideal" day length? The f.lux interface certainly seems to think it should know the latitude—if you don't enter it (which I don't), you'll get asked on every launch.

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