Turning on my lights after I turn them off

  • I purchased 4 hue ambiance bulbs the other day and set up F.lux to work with them last night. All seemed to be going great yesterday but today for whatever reason F.lux keeps turning on my lights after I turned them off. I have closed down f.lux on my computer and now the lights are remaining off but when I start it again they come on. I was using this all day yesterday and it never turned them back on. Same with last night while we slept they never came on.

    Also, is it possible to have it where if I manually set my temp level f.lux doesn't immediately reset it? If staying up a bit later I'd like to brighten the lights to read a bit and not have to come to the computer room to disable f.lux to do it.

  • Try the following suggestion

    1. Try to Changing the Zigbee channel.
    2. Putting faulty lights in 1 light rooms to see if other lights cause the problem.
    3. Made the Bridge a Static address
    4. Reset the bridge.
    5. Removed all accessories that are connected.
    6. Unscrewing the lights to reset them and then trying again.
    7. Make sure both IOS and the bridge were up to date.

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