Flux not working with HDMI cable.

  • First of all I love Flux!! I stay up late at night, learning coding and reading books, so when I learned of flux in college it was a godsend.

    I use a Macbook Pro 15 inch (early 2013), and lately whenever I connect my display to my TV through an HDMI cable flux stops working. Flux will work on my TV, but the display on my computer will go back to being bright. Not white light, but pretty bright. This never happened before, it just started happening recently. I have an Emerson LCD TV (40 inch), and I use the Apple thunderbolt to HDMI converter with an Amazon Basics HDMi cable.

    Whenever I unplug the HDMi cable the brightness goes back to normal flux settings. And when I plug the cable back in, it goes back to being bright. I usually keep my settings to 1600K, and after I plug in the HDMi cable, my laptop screen turns really bright, but the flux menu says it's still at 1600K. Weird. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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