Buggy "OS X Dark theme at sunset" macOS High Sierra

  • I love the "OS X Dark theme at sunset" option and have had it enabled since Sierra. The problem is that when it switches while the mac is on and being used everything goes smoothly, but when I open it the next morning (auto switched to light while mac is booting) some icons in the menu bar are still using their dark theme color and I have to manually enable and disable dark theme from the system preferences for them to use the right color.

    General Information:

    • macOS High Sierra v10.13.3
    • f.lux v29.984

    f.lux macOS High Sierra menu glitch

  • I get this as well - for me, it's the Flux icon itself and the Microsoft OneDrive icon. Both Flux and OneDrive have gone through updates themselves and the OS has gone from 10.13.2 to .3 to .4 while this issue has been apparent. I've also performed a Time Machine restore in that time and had to setup Flux again from scratch,

    Presently, macOS 10.3.4 with Flux 39.984.

    Like you, my morning workaroud is to go into Preferences > General, uncheck the Dark Theme and then uncheck again.

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