f.lux for early morning awakening

  • The light protocol for early morning awakening insomnia is: dim light in the morning; bright light in the evening. Please allow users to customize f.lux to their lighting needs. Thank you.

  • To do this I would do these things:

    1. Set your wake time several hours late, and
    2. choose the "working late" preset to allow maximum light before bed

    There is usually some seasonality to these effects (so we are working on a better scheme for it). Do you have the same effects in the summer as winter, or are the seasons different?

  • @herf Thanks so much. I will consider that. Right now I've discovered that Windows 10 has blue-light adjustment settings, so I'm trying that instead of f.lux. But I will for sure keep these tips in mind.

    No, there's not really any seasonality. Except for the fact that, with winter bringing daylight savings times and much shorter days, it's even harder to stay awake in the evenings until my desired bedtime.

    Thanks again!

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