Is Flux + 10.13.3/4 causing these crazy MBP crashes?

  • I noticed a super old thread about this so decided to post a new one because that’s what the forum recommended.

    I’m on 10.13.4 beta and have been getting a lot of random crashes I was never ever getting before. MBPr 2015 doesn’t power off. It does the battery saving mode sleep thing that happens when your battery dies unplugged. You plug it in wait for a couple minutes then tap the power button and the progress lights come on and it takes about 10 seconds for it to power-up.

    This is happening A LOT.

    However I don’t know if it’s because of Flux. I am resetting PRAM/SMC and all that stuff and I guess I will see.

  • I'm also getting these crashes. They stop when I delete flux.

  • If you're on a dual-GPU Macbook, I made a note in a related thread about disabling our ICC profile writer, which may help:

    See if this stops the crashes?

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