When I disable f.lux for an hour/or app the monitoring of hue lights is not deactivated

  • Recently I started using a plugin for kodi that changes the color of the lights according to the content, but to use it I have to close f.lux and after closing kodi open it again, the same happens with Google home during the day.

    This is because f.lux constantly change the color of bulbs, even if disabled for the display (with one of the disable options), finally If I don't close f.lux this becomes a constant struggle between the kodi plugin(or any app) and f.lux.

    Please when f.lux is disable, keep the light in the same last f.lux color but allow to change to another color.

    Another option I would like is to set a start time for f.lux to start controlling hue bulbs

  • The easiest way right now is to toggle the Hue setting in Options - f.lux won't forget credentials so it is easy to turn back on. We could move this up somewhere to the Hue menu so you can get to it easier.

    Regarding why disable isn't linked: We think of this as a "home controller" and not a "light near my computer" controller. If you have 20 hue lights and you alt-tab to Photoshop it is too much if your whole house goes to daylight...

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