Invokation of drop-down menu from f.lux menu icon fails

  • Re: Can't get into software menu

    I second the concern of the OP of the post linked here. It's the recurring issue appearing either after each restart or some unidentified reasons: I can't access the preferences and all the UI elements of this utility by clicking its menu icon unless relaunching it. I can tell it is running by observing the dimming I set in its preferences but other than that the effective control is lost. I use the latest version.

  • Which version of macOS?

    We have noticed that it does not respond for a few seconds after launch, and I am still not sure why.

  • Hi,
    For some reason I'm not receiving any mail notifications about new responses so wasn't aware of your reply.

    My OS X is 10.7.5
    The latest version of f.lux

  • @herf

    It appears only "About f.lux" and "Preferences..." menu items don't recognize clicking. The rest of drop-down menu items is OK.

    You may want to take a look at the video screen-capture I uploaded to YT.

    F.lux - menu items not responsive

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