f.lux icon no longer in top menu Safari or Firefox; need disable option, avail. only when in finder

  • Plus I don't know how to access my question in this forum, and I'm not sure if my question is saved
    or how to save it--clicking the plus sign takes me where other irrelevant questions are being discussed.
    How do I view my new topic? How do I enter this message into the mac os X forum?--I'm no digital expert--why don't you design this forum so it's usable by non-geeks?

  • Hi @2006hazelmurray, thanks for your comments. You got your message in the right place.

    The f.lux icon should be at the very top of your computer screen in the Finder taskbar (not in Safari or Firefox), up by the clock. Assuming it's vanished from the taskbar, can you tell me if your screen is still changing color at night?

    Pictures and general quickstart guide for reference here:

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