Philips Hue isn't on full brightness

  • I use the current beta version on Windows 8.1 (but this problem existed in the stable version as well) and my Philips Hue lights only get to 160 of 255 on the brightness scale. I already used the registry file and changed all three brightness values to 1000 decimal but it doesn't seem to get brighter. My laptop display is on full brightness as well, so I don't know what else could be the problem.
    Could you create an option to only change the "hue" of lamps without the brightness?

  • Hopefully you mean at night? It is trying to match the screen brightness change at night...we will maybe add an option to increase the brightness so it will stay at maximum even after the screen-matching adjustment.

    f.lux should use 100% hue brightness during the day always (regardless of what color temperature you choose).

  • @herf Thanks for the fast reply! Yes I mean at night, which is during "sunset" and "bedtime" though. I've never noticed it during the day because my lights are normally turned off then.
    The problem is that my lights aren't really bright so if they're dimmed my room is just too dark. But I like the reduced screen brightness.
    An option to leave the lights at 100% after the screen-matching would be great. I thought that'd be what "latebri" and "nightbri" would do.

  • Yeah, that is what they do, but there is a secondary scale factor to account for the built-in dimming that f.lux creates on the screen, so we are trying to keep the screen "readable" if you are happy with the level of light during the day.

    I guess we could also adjust the brightness to be at 100% for the "sunset" level instead, assuming you leave the lights off during the day.....that would make some sense too. :)

  • ok to fix this, I am rolling a 4.66 beta which makes 100% correspond to your "nighttime" setting, assuming your lights are off during the day. (So this way your lights are "brighter than 100%" during the day because the sun is up.)

    I will say that the "bri" registry keys may change meaning in the future, but for now 100% is 100% at night.

  • Cool, thank you!

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