Flux stopped working after software update (macOS 10.13.1)

  • Hi, I've been using flux a long time and absolutely love it, thanks for making a great product.

    After updating my mac to OS 10.13.1, I noticed the artifacts on fullscreen videos had come back, though on a much smaller scale than it used to be, which was no big deal.

    The big problem is that flux has completely stopped working. Though flux is supposed to be running on bedtime mode, and was successfully doing so an hour ago, the color filter completely disappeared. When I go into preferences and try to preview different modes, though the program is claiming to change the colors, there is no change, it is all bright blue-ish daytime colors.

    This is the second time I experienced this issue with the color filter disappearing. Both times, flux had been working fine, and I was watching a lengthy youtube video on Safari on fullscreen and clicked the screen to pause it. The color filter suddenly disappeared when I did so. Restarting the program didn't fix it. The first time, deleting the app and reinstalling fixed the problem, but this time, the second time, reinstalling isn't solving the issue.


  • Restarting my computer fixed it. Weird bug though. I was looking at display preferences and noticed there was a built-in "Night Shift" function now, but even that had no effect on my display colors after the bug occurred. Once I restarted my computer, flux and the night shift were both working.

  • Same here, on 10.13.2
    Looks like f.lux stops working after 'disabling' it for an hour.

    Also, this effect occurs only on main display, my 2nd and 3rd displays are OK.

  • I have the exact same problem and can't find anything that solves it. It has been doing it for a couple of days straight now and always starts 'late' at night (after 9/10)

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