Flux has completely messed up my Macbook screen settings

  • Flux behaves erratically and incorrectly on my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), Sierra 10.12.6.

    The screen dims even when flux is "Quit". When Flux restarts, the screen brightens again, then slowly dims.

    Flux does not respond to the "Disable for ..." options in the menu bar, which, I assume, should disable Flux and return the screen to full brightness for an hour or until sunrise.

    When I uninstall Flux and reboot, the screen is still dimmed.

    NightShift is "Off".

    Please help me restore my system to normalcy. This is getting frustrating.

  • This sounds like the built-in "Automatically adjust brightness" feature in System Preferences > Displays.

    Especially if you've uninstalled f.lux, it should not be changing your screen.

  • There is no "Automatically adjust brightness" feature in System Preferences > Displays. This has been replaced with "NightShift" in MacOS Sierra.

    As I said in my original post, NightShift is disabled.

  • OK - is there "brightness" slider in the "Display" tab, and a checkbox underneath it? Also, is your screen getting warmer when it dims, or only dimming?

    Also, can you verify in Activity Monitor that f.lux is not running? If you've quit f.lux and put it in the trash, it really should not affect your screen.

  • I think I may have figured this out.

    I have two users on my Macbook: one for personal use, and one for work use. I have (or had) f.lux installed on each profile.

    When my work profile was logged in, but not active, i.e. "switch user" to my personal user, I saw the effects mentioned above: f.lux was active even when I had "quit" f.lux in my personal user login session.

    When I "quit" f.lux and log out of my work user session, I no longer observe the unexpected f.lux effects in my personal user session.

    I think this warrants an explanation in the basic f.lux user documentation, as it is very confusing.


  • @herf Please help me, I also encountered the same problem. I reinstalled the computer 2 times, still can not solve the problem.F.LUX uninstalled also can not restore my previous color. I turn the computer screen darker. Ask me how to reply to my previous screen!

  • @Randy-Pan We have replied to you by email regarding this. Please stop posting about this on unrelated threads and check your email - thanks.

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