Integrate Easybulb/Milight/Limitlessled with f.lux?

  • Any possibility of adding support for the Easybulb/Milight/Limitlessled family of lower cost RGB led lights in f.lux?

  • Are they network connected? If so it would be possible.

  • Yes, if you purchase the wifi box controller. Here is a link to the easybulb api:

  • Having just purchased a bunch of LimitlessLED lamps and played with yellow/orange light from them in the evenings, I'm interested in this too.

    The RGBW lamps can do some limited low-K colours - you can't have any saturation so it's either the white LED (I presume anyone here would just get the RGBW warm-white model at 3000K, not the cool white one), or RG to get yellow (around 2000K?) - and from there you'd move towards dim and red.

    I note there's two vastly different APIs. The EasyBulb one above is cloud-based. There's also which describes how to send UDP commands direct to their Wi-Fi bridges (LimitlessLED and Milight wireless bridges are the same). I think the latter would be the way to go.

    • edit: fixed typo, 300K -> 3000K

  • Yes, we're looking for a way to make this general, so we don't have to write code for each one. We'll probably offer something that talks HTTP to any endpoint, and then if you need to do a UDP protocol you just hack up a localhost python or node.js server to do it.

    Longer-term though, nobody leaves their PC on 24/7 just to do circadian lighting, so we have other plans in the works. :)

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