what is "expanded daytime settings" setting?

  • Found no reference to this in the FAQ and don't know what it does. Does it have something to do with DST?

    As a side note, I LOVE f.lux but you guys really need to consolidate your documentation into one place. I couldn't even find release notes for each version -- unless they're buried on the site somewhere.

  • https://justgetflux.com/news/pages/macquickstart/

    We usually recommend that people see daylight during their day and less light at night.
    But some people want to have really-warm colors during the day, so we made it one more step to turn this on.

  • So "expanded daytime settings" actually does not mean more daylight? Sure, makes sense.

  • We have a small minority of our users (<<1%) who try to avoid all blue light due to headaches or other reasons.

    We don't think this is a good idea for most people (as explained in my 2015 post), so this is a rather hidden feature for those people to get more extreme settings during the day. By default, we limit the range.

    But right now we don't know of a way to make a white screen any brighter.

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