can f.lux cause full screen windows to remain inactive after switching to their Space?

  • Sometimes, when I switch to a Space with a window in full screen mode (and thus in its own Space) on my Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) laptop, the window will be inactive, and I'll have to click in it to activate it before I can interact with it.

    Exiting and reentering full screen mode for the window resolves the problem temporarily, but eventually it returns (sometimes after a couple hours, sometimes not for days). The windows of a variety of applications are affected (including Firefox, Postbox, and Sublime Text). Is there any chance that f.lux could be causing this problem?

    I only ask because it's one of the few apps (perhaps the only) I run that modifies an aspect of the display as a whole. So I'm wondering if it can somehow steal focus on a given Space accidentally.

    Other apps that I run in the background include 1Password and Dropbox, but none of them do anything with the display unless I invoke a pop-up window from their toolbar icons. This Apple Support Communities thread fingers something called Live Wallpaper as causing a problem like this, but I don't have that installed.

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