Blue flickering on brightness adjustement

  • Hi,
    i have 4 blue flickerings, each one during 2s, every time i adjust brightness.

    It happens when i login with 2 or more users on the same machine, each one with f.lux starting on login.

    f.lux version's 36.5, MacOs X Version's 10.11.1

    Thank you for everything,

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    OSX 10.11.1 (15B42)
    MBA (13-in, mid 2012)

  • Can you disable Automatic Brightness under Settings > Displays and see if that fixes your flickering? It's a recent feature Apple added and it doesn't play so nicely with f.lux yet.

  • I just added this to the FAQ:

  • I don't have the automatic brightness option on my Mid 2010 iMac 27" (OS X 10.11.1). f.lux version 36.5

    Looks like the flickering has a mind of it's own and happens randomly. When logging from different account (without f.lux), sometimes when opening Display preferences, sometimes when changing brightness.

    Would love to have this fixed. I'm loving the app for several long years :)

  • @kachlicka said:

    You might find a reboot after installing f.lux helps this - please let me know.

  • I've noticed increased flickering since the last update and am still running on Yosemite (10.10.5).

  • The 10.10.5 issue is different --

    On dual-GPU machines the discrete card loads the color profile entirely wrong, which makes it look lighter than the integrated card (we verified this on a Macbook Pro Retina 2014).

    The only solution to this is to lock to the integrated (Intel) card, which works using

    Or upgrade to 10.11, where you'll have to turn off automatic brightness.


  • @kachlicka do you use a non-apple display? All my displays have this in System Preferences -> Displays as "Automatically adjust brightness"

  • I have tried disabling automatic brightness on my MBP:R (10,1) and f.lux is still flickering when light changes. I tested this by unchecking the automatic adjustment in the display settings and then putting my finger up to the webcam to simulate darkness.

    To be clear, it also happens when automatic adjust brightness is ticked.

  • It seems to take some time to stop doing this behavior after you uncheck the box.

    A reboot should fix it if it doesn't stop on its own.

  • @herf Can confirm that after a reboot with the box unchecked, the issue seems to be eliminated. Are there any plans to try to play nice with the adjustment in the future?

  • It's really not up to us.

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