Keeps resetting. Stuck on Sunset.

  • Running it on macbook pro maverick. set to custom colors, but won't stay on any selection in Prefs. Just keeps resetting itself to a Sunset at 3400K (Halogen).

    Any help?

  • What's your wake time set at? Which time does it say you are in, daytime, sunset or bedtime?

  • updated to Version 36.5, have El Capitan. Since Daylight Time ended, stuck on sunset mode. Says "Sunset: about an hour ago, Wake: 6 hours ago (2900K).
    graph shows sunset mode.
    set on wake 5:30 am.
    It is now 11:15 am.
    removed and re-installed just now did not change it.

  • In "Preferences" - is there any chance the daytime slider is moved to the left? (It is usually all the way to the right.)

    If you use "recommended colors" in the menu (top-right) does it fix things?

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