change after daylight saving gives 1 h delay

  • just mentioned that screen is still dimmed rather than being on daytime mode. Preferences show an 1 hour lag. Initial config was made during daylight saving time (MESZ). Being now on normal time (MEZ) my waketime is 1 hour behind. see:

  • I'm in Europe but having a similar problem. I installed f.lux yesterday and we're on normal time (clocks went back last weekend), so f.lux was set up in this time - there has been no change that might have confused it.

    But still, with a Wake time set to 08:00, at 09:56 its says "Wake: 56 minutes ago" . F.lux, you're an hour behind the times!

    I tried resetting my location but that didn't fix it. I wish I could get up at 9, but unfortunately... At the moment my solution is to tell f.lux my wake time is an hour earlier than it actually is, but that seems a bit inelegant...

    Fantastic app though - one of those "where has this been all my life" moments when I installed it.

  • Any of you happen to have "sleep in on weekends" checked?
    (This remains our most confusing feature...)

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