Setting Hue Lights to Mimic f.lux

  • Hello,

    I'm a Mac user and own Hue lights in my house. I know that Macs cannot control Hue lights automatically yet, but I'm interested in setting up a circadian rhythm lighting schedule with my Hue lights using automation.

    I have tried the Hue Labs "Feel Better With Light" formula that sets a scene depending on the time of day, but am curious whether it's beneficial or I should be following the f.lux values from my MacBook Pro.

    My question is, are there recommended temperature and brightness levels for indoor lighting that I can use to program my Hue lights depending on the time of day? Is it appropriate to use the f.lux settings from my MacBook Pro, 6500K during the day, 3400K after sunset, and 1900K for bedtime (I don't think this one is possible, since Hue lights only go down to 2000K) with my Hue lights?

    Please let me know what you think. Just a guy trying to live healthier through light and the modern miracle of smart lighting.

  • I think you use the Hue app to set routines roughly to match f.lux - also usually I set Hue somewhat warmer than f.lux is, because the screen is brighter.

    Sorry we don't have a better integration on the Mac yet....

  • @herf thank you for replying. What light temperatures and brightness levels do you use?

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