Certain apps interfere with Flux lighting: Photoshop, Scratch, Ableton Live, Chrome (sometimes)...

  • Is there a general reason why certain apps (such as the ones in the selection in the title) interfere with Flux? Is there a deep one-size-fits-all fix that can cover all these cases?

    MacBook Pro mid-2010 era | OSX 10.10.5



  • Following up:

    I installed gfxCardStatus and discovered that Ableton Live, one of the offending apps, switches from "Intel HD Graphics" to "NVIDIA GeForce etc...". Do apps that switch to the NVIDIA card necessarily mean that Flux won't be able to perform?


  • f.lux team

    10.10.5 has some pretty serious NVIDIA problems.
    My initial guess is they're loading color profiles totally wrong - so they look "whiter" than the integrated card.

    These particular bugs appear to be fixed in 10.11.

  • Huh! Good to know - I guess that's a tick in the "pro" column for upgrading to 10.11, which I'll do once I can make sure it won't cause other problems elsewhere...