Morning setting

  • It would be nice to see one more setting for the morning time. My eyes are still adjusting in the morning, then continue with the rest of the day as you have it.


  • Oh exactly, just add 30-60 minutes morning time.

    To be honest, best would be just ability to create any custom timeset in which we want certain color level.

  • Does this happen when it is still not very bright outside, or do you think it is more about when you woke up?

    I have the same feeling sometime, but for me, it's kind of variable from day to day - on some days I'm happy to have bright light (and if it's dim I get upset), and other days it's too much. So my own experience is that this is important, but the needs may be somewhat variable from day to day.

    Maybe we should have a thing like "slow morning" which is like disable for an hour, but you turn it on when you need a softer morning....

    Also, we have some extra settings in the schedule but haven't added them to the UI because we don't know how to do the timing, since wake time (and especially first computer use) can be variable for some people. There's a popular perspective (for people with seasonal depression) that says to see as much light as possible on waking up (so that's easy to do!), but it is not clear if this is good advice for everyone. (This view would say: even if it's uncomfortable today, bright light in the morning will make you feel better tomorrow, so you should see it.)

  • I guess this is mostly about when it's still not bright enough. Like a 30-60 minutes after and before sunrise. Though before it should already work.

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