App won't respond after a while in Yosemite

  • I'm running 10.10.3 Yosemite. When my computer when has been on for a while, perhaps after going to sleep for a bit, and wakes, the only thing I can execute from the f.lux top bar is Quit.
    If I restart the program, it works. But then it stops responding to anything but Quit after a while.

    Any suggestions? Anyone else having these issues?

    P.s. I -have- uninstalled and reinstalled f.lux. :)

  • What kind of hardware are you seeing the problem on? Since you already reinstalled, I'm guessing you have 34.3 already?

  • Macbook Air, early 2015, and like I said, up to date on Yosemite.
    Yep, have 34.3 installed, just double-checked.
    Strange, yea?

    I'm going to see if once the sun sets, if that triggers the unresponsiveness. That'll be in an hour or so. I'll report back :)

  • Very strange. I am using the same vintage of machine (and have been for a while) but I've never seen what you're describing on mine. Do you have any special settings, or is there anything in particular you're doing on this machine (like a lot of videos, or an unusual web browser, that sort of thing) ?

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