Separate dimming option

  • Another option I would love to have is ability to dim the screen how I like it (complete independent control). You already have a similar option built in, now it just needs to have a full control by user.
    I use software dimming to fight monitor flickering. E.g. I set monitor brightness to 100% and backlight is working on a constant voltage, therefore no flickering.

  • Sounds like you need to get a different monitor!! A resource to check monitors if they have PWM is TFTcentral

    I really like BenQ monitors, so here are some models that don't use PWM, and I'll add a tiny bit of detail about them

    Gaming, with features that are basically like cheating:

    Similar to the other one, but higher resolution:

    And, the one I use,
    This one has a much lower response rate, but contrast is a lot higher, and colors can be displayed much more accurately. Yeah, I don't work for BenQ but I wanted to make clear that several of their monitors use "Zero Flicker" technology, which I wish EVERY computer / monitor manufacturer would do.

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