Can you imagine the next version of flux ?

  • Registered an account now, in order to put in my thoughts as a user of flux for a long time. I upgraded to latest version only recently, and was surprised that many of the thoughts i had on product improvement were not in the new version. I realize that this could be due to lack of resources. Perhaps these have been discussed in this forum before. But, i wanted to pen in my thoughts here, in the hope that flux would consider these for the next version of their product.

    I must acknowledge that this is a great product, which i am thankful for and will even pay for. I do not know if any better product exists in this category because i started on flux after reading a review. If there are others, it would be good to discuss them and bring features from that product into flux. I am using flux on daily basis, but have to manually tweak it everyday in order to get what i want out of it. This gets tiring to do everyday and indicates a lack in the product (from user perspective). Here are some of my thoughts :::

    • I use latest version of flux on both my home computers - One windows, one macbook. I noticed that they have different interfaces. I like the one on my Mac version better. Perhaps these two can be unified, so that look and feel is same on all platforms.

    • The transition from night time into daytime (or sunset) settings can be more smooth. For example, i find that it would be easier on my eyes and body, if i am able to smoothly transition from low end of spectrum to sunlight daytime high end. The current slow pace of 1 hr is not natural when you are talking about a wide difference in the numbers for nighttime & daytime settings. You don't see sun coming to full brightness within 1 hr. Similarly, a user configurable timer (instead of the current fast/slow switch) that specifies the duration in which this transition is to take place would be highly useful to people like me, who sit in front of computer all day. Currently, i have to manually tweak my settings every few hours, every day !!!

    • For people like me, who wake up very early, it would be useful to have a 4th section for "SunRise", just like how the Mac version has "SunSet" section. The transition from each of these 4 states, into the next state would be one way I can ease out my eyes during transition from one part of spectrum, to next part of the spectrum. This divisioning of the 24 hr period is sorely lacking in Windows interface.

    • A feature that enables change in "brightness" of the screen to occur slowly, in tandem with the change in color temperature. This would again make it similar to what happens in nature. As the color of my screen changes slowly (over a time period that i specify - like 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hrs, 12 hrs, 30 min etc), i want the brightness to automatically adjust to reflect the unfolding of a day. Perhaps, i can specify the low end and high end of brightness with a meter, just like how i can specify color temperature values (in Mac interface).

    • A built in pop up alarm, that reminds me that it is time to change some of my flux settings.... I know this will be irritating to many, so there can be a button to disable or enable this. Currently, i am manually tweaking flux everyday, due to lack of features that i need. This kind of alarm would be helpful to people like me, and this should be disabled by default.

    • The ability to say "i wake up at ......" is missing in Windows, even though it is present in Mac interface. I find this to be a nice feature and I use it.

    • Upon doing a installation of a newer version (on top of existing one), flux reverts brightness of screen without checking for current values in play. I tested this on Windows. Irritating to see suddenly the brightness change due to an installation. Minor bug, but worth mentioning in this thread.

    Thank you for the wonderful piece of work. I encourage you to keep it up and improve and sell the enhanced version of product at a small price.

  • Thought of another addition to features....Mac version has a setting for when "I wake up at ...". Having another setting to indicate when "I usually go to sleep" will be useful too in slow transitions.

  • I don't know if this is a one man operation. If that is the case, he would be too overloaded to read through these forums and reply. Otherwise, i was hoping that there would be someone (in case this is small company), who would read these forums and come back with a company reply.

  • I came into this forum today wanting to give more ideas to improve flux. But i see that no one has bothered to reply to my thread. So, i am going to start trying out competing products and start being of help to them, instead of wasting my time here. I will give flux some more time, until i find another product that is worthy of my feedback and time.

  • @seekingbuddha this is a two person shop, and we are indeed busy doing a lot of things. Thanks for sharing your wish list.

  • @seekingbuddha I use an app Sleep++ on my Apple Watch which I turn on when my head hits the pillow and turn off when I wake up. If only apps like this had some standard feed view that an app like f.lux could use to automatically get this data. Like a SleepRSS

  • @seekingbuddha It is a one man operation--and it's also a one wonan operation! It's an awesome husband and wife team, and they are really cool people!

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