Flashing after updating to 10.11.1

  • Macbook Pro 2012 non-retina 15 inch with dual GPU
    It used to work on 10.11 with version 36.4, but after upgrading to 10.11.1 it constantly flashes the screen. Can confirm when it flashes, there is no automatic graphics card switching and I'm basically doing nothing. It also flashes when I manually adjust screen brightness, but turning off auto adjust does not help. Downgrading to 36.0 does not solve the problem.

  • I have the same issue on a 2012 mid macho air (11), when there be any update available?

  • same here, MacBook Air (11-inch, Early 2014) on el capitan 10.11.1

  • 10.11.1 is working on my Macbook Air with f.lux 36.4.

    Checklist for anyone with trouble:

    1. Does the issue happen when "automatic brightness" is turned off?
    2. Do you have multiple monitors?
    3. Does the issue resolve with 36.4 and a reboot (with all external monitors unplugged?)

  • @herf, thanks for the reply.

    1. Yes, turning off doesn't help.
    2. No, only the built in 15' non-retina
    3. No, I rebooted many times.

    The current situation is that it's not possible to use my mac at night... it flashes 5 times for about every 30 seconds. So I had to uninstall it. Hope you could reproduce this!

  • I did have severe problems yesterday night while being connected to an external monitor (automatic brightness on). But tonight, without any changed settings and no restart in between, I didn't notice any problems (some small flashing after I connected the monitor, but no problems after that). I had and still have 36.4 installed. I will report back if I notice any more problems.

  • I have many "flashing" problems on Mac OS X 10.11. For now I'll just disable f.lux :(

  • Hey guys! I'm also having the same problem with the flashing thingy. Using F.lux v36.4 on El Capitan 10.11.1 on a MacBook Pro 13-inch Early 2011. I've trying rebooting, reinstalling, downgrading to v36.0, etc. No external monitors and automatic brightness turned off. The only thing that helps it out is, in fact, quitting F.lux. Usable but annoying during the day, unusable at night. I love this app though, so I'll wait for an update. 😊 Thank you F.lux team for all your efforts! I've been your fan for years! <3

  • @herf, ok I solved this problem on my own. I deleted the app completely using appcleaner, manually removed the flux color profile, rebooted, and installed 36.4. Now everything works fine. Have no idea why though.

  • With MacBookPro Retina 15" 1973 with OS 10.11.1, , exactly the same behaviour as reported. Moving the pointer around results in painful short and repeated flashes, during which f.lux apparently disconnects.

  • I having the same the flashing issue with Macbook Pro 13" 2010 model.

  • Me too. Macbook Air 13" mid-2013. Running El Capitan OS 10.11.1.

  • I'm having the same issue too. Uninstall the app with app clearer and install it again (36.4 version) doesn't help. The issue arise when the sun is sining, so the automatic brightness ups the brightness.

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