Looking for circadian RGB or RGB(W) lookup table or something I can use to make one.

  • I'm turning an LED strip into a circadian room light, using an 8052 micro-controller, which has very little processing power. I need a table of RGB values that I can sample over the course of a day that align with a circadian graph, or something I can use to make table, or else a very simple function that I could use.

    Does anyone have anything that can help?

  • You have to know the chromaticities of the RGB and W to do this.
    Most RGB strips will be more saturated than sRGB, and you also need to know the kind of white (warm or cool etc.)

  • I am using a ~3000k warm white RGB(W) LED strip. Unfortunately there was no datasheet because I ordered from Adafruit, and there's no mention anywhere of the chromacities of the LEDs. Is there any way I could calculate several lookup tables using several common chromacities, and test which looks the best?

    In case it helps at all, here is a link to the LED strip: https://www.adafruit.com/product/2439

  • We can guess the chromaticities pretty well, but what is hard to guess is the illuminance of each type. Do you have any kind of light meter you could use to do this?

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