Feature request: Let me set custom day lengths and ignore my location

  • I have to admit that while I like f.lux a whole lot, this attempt to adhere to "scientific research" isn't very scientific, and in fact it is so extreme that it makes f.lux unusable.

    I live in Sweden, and not especially far north, but f.lux likes to pretend I want my days with 6 hours of sunlight — which means I constantly have to reset my location to something Lagos, Nigeria just to avoid it giving me darkness for more than half the day in winter. In fact I probably need more light then, in order to wake me up at 7 or 8 am.

    But I don't much like setting my location to Lagos either, because that means I have constant 12 hours days.

    Please take care of this and let me set my own day lengths so that I can have something sensible like 14 hour days all year round. Or even better, 14 hour days in the summer, and 16 hour days in the winter, to counteract the darkness that is around me.

    The added functionality of location is frankly useless when it doesn't allow you to adapt it at all. I don't want to have to look up an optimal city that I can set my location to. I don't want to need to think about Casablanca being bad because it's in the wrong time-zone — or having to change location every 6 months to maintain 14 hour days. By adding location functionality and no way to turn it off you're just forcing everyone to focus on time-zones and geography instead of saying: I want X many sunlight hours, X many of dusk-lighting, and X many bedtime hours.

    Please, please, please add this.

    P.S. If this already exists somewhere, I'm sorry — and it does not exist in the mac client (which is the one that I use)

  • There is a nice preset on the Mac called "far from the equator" that should do almost exactly this.

    Set your wake time and pick that one and you'll be ok.

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