Philips Hue with Flux and Google Home?

  • I want to get a Philips Hue system to sync up to flux but I also want to be able to control the lights with my Google Home. Would this be possible?

  • Yes, the main thing f.lux has to do right now is watch for Hue new lights to get turned on with a "light switch" so it can go adjust them. So it basically does this all the time and doesn't work that well with other apps.

    We have several ideas about how to interact with other devices but none of them are so great. We could back off for "some time" like a half hour (or the rest of the evening) or something, which would tend to be wrong, but it's simple. We could make your PC prompt you to resume running f.lux on those (which doesn't work if you're away). We could "learn" the setting and try to incorporate it into the f.lux program.

    Right now, you can exclude Hue lights that you want to run entirely with other apps (including Google Home), so it works for that, but we still have to pick a way to do the rest.

  • Would it be possible to have a custom version of Philips Hue firmware where f.lux would be considered a color preset that I could call up when I wanted?

  • @Quincy-Owyang ...or maybe where when the Philps control unit recognizes a request for white light it instead gets a light setting from f.lux?

  • It seems like it would be possible for Philips to do.... but they have been resistant to starting a light up with anything other than "full brightness" due to "safety reasons". They update their firmware enough that we have not tried rewriting it. :)

    Anyway, I think their reasoning is a fine default, but we should be able to override that in some cases.

  • @herf I think I might have done a bad job explaining myself. I was asking if it was possible for you guys or maybe someone from the community to create a modified version of the Philips hue firmware where f.lux software would intervene when the user requests a blank white value. That way, f.lux software wouldn't fight for priority with other home automation services.

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