Bug report: flux flickers during transition time (sunset, sunrise) in Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

  • I'm using flux 4.47.
    Windows 10 Fall Creator Update
    GTX 960 (using default windows driver(385.69))
    Using two monitors (LG E2241 && LG 23MP67HQ)

    During the transition time (just after sunset) || (just before sunrise). The flux flickers (on&off) throughout both the transition periods. I'm using the recommended color settings.

    I'm trying not to download the driver from NVIDIA to keep my windows lightweight.
    Is driver the problem? I'm seeing this post here.

  • Can you make sure there isn't a conflict with the built-in Windows feature?
    You should only use one at a time.

  • Yeah, the windows' Night Light was turned on. I remember specifically turn it off, I guess this major update turn on the Night Light back. I will see whether the issue still persist tonight.

    Can I suggest flux put a check to this to check whether both feature was on at same time?

  • We will look for a way to do that. :)

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