Feature request: gradual disable

  • Apologizes if this has already been covered, or already in the app. I did check the FAQ.

    I frequently wake up before sunrise to work, and since I'm trying to stay up, and not go back to sleep, I disable f.lux until sunrise. However, the change is immediate, and i'm invariably like "argh, my eyes". I'd love a gradual disable until sunrise, e.g. over a minute or two or five. If you feel it's an appropriate feature. (Or, if it's already in there, please point the way).

    Thank you.

  • I guess this might be good, but I just turn my room lights all the way on. Besides, I have to get up and go to the bathroom, etc. By the time I'm ready to use the computer, my eyes are already ready for bright light. Do you roll over and turn the computer on in the dark?

  • There is "dim on disable" which may help...

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