Flux crashes on login screen for macOS Sierra

  • Hi all, firstly I absolutely love flux (I run it on my 2015 Macbook Pro too with no problems). I am hoping there is an easy solution to my problem as I would hate to have to resort to using NightShift.

    I am using a late-2015 iMac, running macOS Sierra (although this problem was also present with El Capitan). Flux 39.984. The computer is work based, so it will log out periodically and go to a log in screen. If I come back to the computer (this typically happens overnight), the screen will be frozen in the typical flux colours. If I try to log in, the screen freezes and I see the spinning wheel - the only way to alleviate the problem is a hard reset.

    So far, my only solution to prevent this is to set the time for log-ins to be as long as possible and a complete wipe/reinstall of the system did nothing to solve the issue. Frankly however, leaving my computer unlocked for long periods of time (especially if I am absent) is not ideal...

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Wait - so the macOS is crashing at login? That could be unrelated to f.lux, right?

    Do you know that removing f.lux makes this better?

  • It only crashes at the login screen after the computer has logged out of a session because of being idle. So it doesn't happen on startup if that is what you mean.

    I think it is due to Flux because I did a fresh reinstall and the problem only began once I installed the app again.

  • I have a similar issue. I'm running High Sierra on a MacBook Pro with an external monitor connected via thunderbolt. Whenever the screen goes into sleep mode, it's really crashed. the screens are black, but not completely off. I have to do a hard restart. Took a lot of trial and error, but it stopped happening once I disabled Flux.

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