F.lux glitching youtube in safari

  • Hi! First, let me say I love your app. Been using f.lux every day for about a month and it's really helping me having better sleep and I wake up with a better mood. (Could be a little placebo effect, but I think it's really great!!)

    I'm with El Capitan 10.11.1 beta and recently started having a problem when watching som youtube videos in fullscreen. After all the youtube interface fade out, all the whites in the videos sort of get trought the filter, like really bright and glitch-y.
    This doesn't happen watching the same videos in fullscreen with chrome.

    It could be an Apple problem but I wanted to report it, because if I turn off the f.lux everything looks normal.

    (I hope the message getS through, I'm not really a native english speaker so...)

    Thank you

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