What happened ?

  • Since the new update today... its a nightmare ... can't seen to control it at all. Can't set night time. Can't even tell how to set damn night time. Heeeelp

  • The new version of F.lux is awful. I wrote to them to say I don't want to be reminded in the middle of the night how many hours I have till I wake up. I am fully capable of looking at the clock if I want to know that information, plus it's a cruel reminder that I am not sleeping.

    The other night I was using my laptop and thought it seemed unusually bright, then I realized that to adjust the settings I now have to adjust the wake sleep times and F.lux had not kicked in earlier and so I had been using my laptop without the filter till about 10 pm. Not cool. I did have difficulty falling asleep then.

    I am going to look for another program to replace F.lux unless someone returns it to the earlier version.

  • First, I'm unclear if you are both using macOS version or Windows, but they are pretty similar at this point. (The macOS UI has not updated in about 3 years.)

    Whenever you don't like how f.lux looks, you just move the slider in the main UI, and that will fix it.

    f.lux has always had a simple option to turn off the wake notifiers if you don't like them. Look for "options" and the feature is called "backwards alarm clock".

    The "wake time" notifications are designed both to let you know when you're staying up really late, and also to help you setup your wake time. If f.lux says you're waking up at 6AM, but you really wake up at 10AM, it's important to change it to set up your lighting schedule to change at the right times (not just so we can bug you).

    For the notifier feature overall, there's a very important purpose to it: many people become physically tired, but they stay up late anyway, losing track of time late at night. We did our best to design them only to provide information, not to criticize or judge. But for people who feel bad about that, you can easily turn them off.

  • @herf I'm running Windows 7. The program interface did change about a month or so ago. At first I would try to open f.lux and it would be behind all of the windows. Then it (in its original form) didn't appear at all..Then I noticed there was an f.lux icon in the bottom right hand of the task bar beside the clock. But that now opens a really large interface with useless information. Why couldn't it just stay the way it was? And yes, I will adjust that annoying thing that assumes I'm a complete moron who doesn't know what time to get up.

    Thank you for the response but it would be far better if you just rolled it back to the previous version that had nothing wrong with it at all.

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