Why the name F.lux? Thanks

  • I would love to find out where the name F.lux came from? I assume it is taken from technical terminology?

  • Look up "flux" and "lux" in the dictionary...?

  • Thanks for asking jpn01, it's fun to answer questions like yours. Lots of reasons, but in the end we just thought it's a neat name. flexible lux, flux, fiat lux. The word flux itself is a photometric measure of how much visible light happens in a given second. ^_^

  • Thank you both for your swift reply.
    Lorna, I was hoping that someone from the team would get back to me, so thank you.

    I'am a student, currently running a self written brief, out of Graphics studio in the UK.
    I would be incredibly grateful if we could speak more, in order to rack your brains about everything F.lux? (Starting up, history, future prospects, etc.)

    If you have a spare moment, please drop me a line at parkerjch@live.co.uk

    Thank you

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