Best Brands for Sleep Glasses and Screen Filters?

  • I'm shopping around for blue blocking sleep glasses and screen filters for my iPhone, and possibly also my laptop (although perhaps I only need f.lux).

    Any suggestions on which are the best brands for this gear?

  • F.lux is more than enough for any device it's compatible with. I feel that those screen filters are purchased by WAY too many people who just need f.lux.

    As for glasses, I have no idea. I'm just here to say "hey no, don't waste your money on a silly screen filter". I also just dim my lights at night so that I don't need any kind of orange glasses.

  • TwoCables:
    Thanks, I probably won't bother with the laptop screen filter since I can use f.lux on it. However, I have an iPhone, which doesn't support f.lux as far as I know, so I want to get a screen filter for it. Any suggestions for that?

  • Actually, I do!

    This is one of very few manufacturers who actually pay attention to the science and use it correctly.

  • @nielkfj Lowbluelights is very good. We have measured some of the screen filters and glasses and things, and you can see our results at:

    Devices are in the left-most pulldown, filters are in the right-most pulldown, and if you're thinking about sleep / human eyes, just leave the middle one alone.

    0_1504412366981_Screenshot 2017-09-02 21.18.26.png

  • @lorna
    Ok, it looks quite useful. But I don't know exactly how to make sense of the data to compare the performance of the different filters.

    Specifically, when I select a filter, a button appears called "Analyze filter". If I click on that a new graph appears and there is a tab called "Compare" below the graph. Apparently this is where data on each filter can be tabulated for comparison. I've figured out how to tabulate the data for the various filters, but I don't know what the data means. Is there some instructions somewhere explaining what "CCT", "Cyanopic", "Melanopic" etc. mean. And which data is most relevant for comparing the filter performance?

    Ultimately, I want to get sleep glasses and a screen filter for my iPhone which I will use in the evening in my apartment. So I want to compare the performance of the filters for these applications.

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