Sunrise, not wake time?

  • Hello, all,

    Sorry if this has been asked before -- I searched the forum, but didn't come up with anything.

    Is there any way for f.lux to simply follow the sunset/sunrise, without doing some sort of convoluted over-ride based on when it thinks I'm going to be getting up? As is, I'm having to manually adjust the 'wake-up time' to artificial times, in order to get the right past-sunset and past-sunrise behavior.

    I'm pretty sure earlier versions did this at some point, but the current one doesn't seem to.

  • @Naomi-Schoenfeld Yes! You can choose Classic f.lux in Preferences. 0_1504231152404_Screenshot 2017-08-31 18.58.21.png

  • Thanks! It's great to know this exists (I didn't) but it still won't do the trick... because as soon as I select that, the colors revert to a single, non-editable set that's not deep enough in the red spectrum for me.

    Is there a way to have it function to natural day/night cycles, with custom colors?

    Really appreciate the thoughts/ideas.

  • Yes, you can always move the slider for sunset mode.

  • I know I can move the slider -- but I need to do that twice each day, in order to manually synchronize it with the natural sunset and sunrise.

    I was hoping there was some way to have it follow the natural light cycle for my location (as classic f.lux used to and does) but with custom color settings, so that I can make it use redder colors as it does that.

    Does that make sense?

  • For sunrise and sunset, it should match pretty closely the way older f.lux versions worked. We've made some changes to make it change with the speed the sun moves at different times of year, rather than just making a guess like we used to.

    Also you can just move the bedtime slider all the way to the right, and the bedtime feature will mostly turn off.

  • Thanks for the replies, herf!

    I think I must be missing something, though.

    Right now, I have it on 'custom colors', and the color that I need seems to be completely dependent on when I set my 'wake time' -- in other words, on when I set the "... is when I wake up".

    What I'm looking for is a very deep red at night, which seems to only be available under the 'Bedtime' tab. 'Sunset' simply doesn't go that red. So, I'm constantly having to change my bedtime to imaginary times (e.g., 4:30am) in order to convince f.lux to use that color... then in the morning, if I'm up before dawn, I need to manually change my 'when I wake up to, say, 8:00am or some time a couple of hours in the future, in order to simulate for it that I still want it to be night.

    Am I missing something?

  • @Naomi-Schoenfeld oh yes!

    There is an Option to use "expanded daytime settings" and that will unlock the slider for daytime and sunset.

    People usually try out the lowest and highest value in a slider, so we limited them, but if you turn off bedtime mode, you'll probably want to set this option.

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