Weird question: can flux affect my external monitor when turned off?

  • I am using a new Vizio as an external display from my Macbook. Still working with the settings on it and have turned off everything that could be an automatic adjustment. I then turned off flux and restarted my system. The external dimmed gradually yellow as the sun went down, and the laptop display remained unaffected. It's probably something automatic in the TV that I"ve yet to find, but I am wondering if some odd fluke could cause Flux to not turn off on my external. If it matters, I'm also running Switch Res X.
    Ghost in the machine?

    EDIT: Oddly enough, the display is much less yellow when going from Thunderbolt to VGA port. It's still a little yellow but I am not sure, that could be a calibration issue (or not) as it's much improved. So maybe this could be considered a bug. FWIW. Unless it's varied sensor behaviour on the part of the TV between HDMI and RGB ports. Hmmm.
    May be too much extra information, but it's now showing the pink tint in the gray parts of the finder bars that it was showing earlier today, when I was trying to calibrate it. I finally figured out that the issue was that I had forgotten to turn off flux, which fixed the pink tint. However, it's showing again now, on the external, even though Flux is off.

    Macbook Pro Retina, Vizio E221-A1, OSX 10.8.5
    Thank you

  • Anyone from tech support?

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  • Can you post if there is any color profile for the Vizio in System Preferences > Displays > Color? If f.lux were force-quit it may have left a profile there (normally it should clean up).

    10.8.5 shouldn't have any really strange bugs at the OS level, so the next place to look is the Vizio.

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  • @herf Thank you Herf,
    Yes there are two in there with the model name of the Vizio. I'm not exactly sure how they got there, except that I am also running Switch Res X and have been setting up profiles. But that's not for color, it's for resolution and honestly I don't recall setting them up, maybe I did.
    So in Prefs>displays>color, there are two profiles for the E221-A1, and underneath that, my most recent used of HD 709 and a second HD-709 that I tried to calibrate without much luck. That HD 709 -2 is the one that was selected. Those are the ones that are above the line, before all the other standard ones are listed.
    If it matters, I looked in Activity Monitor and did not see flux running, although I haven't re-tested that.

  • Yes I would look in the TV/monitor settings next.
    If the color profile is reset and f.lux isn't running, there isn't much more to do on our end.

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