Is there a way to keep bedtime settings on 24-7?

  • I suffer from ocular migraines and use flux to help me use my Mac displays.The only setting that consistently helps with reducing eye strain for me and allows me to use the computer for longer durations would be the Setting of "Bedtime 1900k candle". Whenever I go into preferences I cannot keep it on that setting it changes to my location or time of day setting. I do not want to use any other settings since they do not help and Mac does not offer night-shift on Mac currently. Is there a way to override the settings to keep it on bedtime 1900k candle all the time?

    Thank you!
    PS) I have tried using the expanded daytime settings etc, it did not work for me the brightness on all the other settings was too painful for my eyes.

  • Yes you just have to move the slider to the left three times, one for each time of day.

  • You can fake your Location in f.lux to force f.lux between night and day modes, and you can fake your wake up time as well to move f.lux between bedtime and awake mode. That way, you can quickly change all 3 settings.

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