Philips Hue support on Mac f.lux?

  • I see this topic has been mentioned a few times in the past; the last one I can see is over a year old, though (April 1, 2016). Has Philips Hue integration ever come to the Mac version of f.lux? I've stopped using f.lux on my Mac because MacOS introduced Nightshift (which has the advantage of automatically turning itself off when I plug the computer into my TV, to run shows off my computer, like with HBO Go). I recently decided to try the Hue lights, and I'd really like it if I could set something up so that the color temp on the lights was tuned to time of day unless manually changed.

    My ideal would be something like this:

    f.lux would be running on an always-on computer or iPad. It would track the status of lights, to detect them turning on; when they come on, the color temp gets set based on the current sun position. While lights are on, f.lux checks on them every few minutes, and if there hasn't been a manual update to the color, makes its own automated update. If somebody manually changes the light, then you wait a while before putting it back on sun colors. (When to push back to automated colors could be a preference -- make it a set amount of time after the last-detected change from outside f.lux; until the light has been turned off and back on; or until the app is manually given control of that light again.)

    If something like that was available I'd probably go back to running f.lux and disable Nightshift. (Though honestly, I'd prefer it if I could just use that to run the Hue lights, and still run Nightshift for the computer's video outputs.)

  • I've been using Circadian Hue until f.lux + Hue support comes to macOS.

  • I second this!! Hue integration on Mac would seriously make me committed to F.lux for the longterm future.

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