Manual control only

  • All i want to do is manually dim my screens brightness with the "Alt+pg down" command. I don't want any automatic colour changing at any time of day or for any app or program, fullscreen or otherwise. Is there any way to achieve this with f.lux?

    I've tried disabling f.lux until sunrise in the settings, and then dimming the screen with the command, but that always seems to reset itself if after a few minutes (besides, i don't want to have to do that everyday).

  • You can try ClickMonitorDDC. F.lux doesn't actually adjust the backlight brightness, it just changes the black level. ClickMonitorDDC actually adjusts the backlight brightness.

    Dive into this program and if it works, you will be floored by how convenient and easy it is to use after you've set it up.

  • Thanks for that, @TwoCables. Unfortunately that programs lowest setting (0 brightness and 0 contrast) is a little bit brighter than f.lux can manage (even if f.lux isn't really dimming the back light).
    It is easy really easy to use though (just scroll while hovering over a notification area icon), so I will probably use it if there is no way to make f.lux work how I want.

  • You're welcome.

    Alt+Page Down is the only way to get f.lux to increase the black level.

    ClickMonitorDDC can enable you to hold down keys on your keyboard while you scroll to change the brightness too. You can also set up keyboard shortcuts to adjust the brightness in various ways (static values, or increments). You can also create menu entries in ClickMonitorDDC's Notification Area icon context menu.

    I will say though that if you need to reduce your brightness THAT MUCH, then that tells me you are using your computer in total darkness. If that's true, then I recommend that you stop doing so and turn on some lights. It is not safe for human eyes for extended periods of time and you might regret it later in life. Plus, turning on some lights makes your eyes more comfortable, and that makes your present more pleasant (rhyme not intended).