Just sleep, Why do people stress themselves at night?

  • I'm not sure if you're aware of reddit.com/r/sleep but a lot of people seem to be stupidly stressing at night and I think that's just the strangest thing. Why do people do this and is there a way to stop it? I don't do it at all,and I feel terrible for those who do.

  • When you can't do it, it's devastating. I think it is mostly when you have trouble and a fixed wakeup time (usually controlled by a boss who can mess up your finances pretty hard if you don't show up on time). And when you're already low on sleep it's very difficult to stay calm over things that are bothering you. CBT (See Cleveland Clinic's program) is really helpful for a lot of people who have behavioral insomnia.

  • Indeed. Why do i suffer from insomina ? Now, my wife: when she goes to bed ( as she says to go to sleep ) her head is about 5 inches away from her pillow and she is sound asleep.

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