v4.42, entering a dimming transition incorrectly brightens the display (at the start of transition)

  • I'm using daytime=5300K, Sunset=3800K, Night=2700k. Transition speed is set to slow.

    At the exact time when daytime->sunset begins, the display instantly jumps to a brighter/bluer color. But then, the dimming transition itself is then very gradual. Same behavior for the start of the sunset->night transition.

    It does not seem to appear in the 24 hour preview, although it might just be too fast to see.

  • f.lux team

    Which video card/monitor (and which driver, if you can find it?)

  • Geforce GTX 1080, 382.05
    Acer X34 (UM.CX1AA.A01)

    Edit: Updated to 384.94 and I'm still seeing this. Am I really the only one this is happening to?


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