Reduce time for transitions between apps

  • When working late on photo editing I set Flux to "Disable for this app", but then when I alt-tab to, say the browser, I get blasted with bright light and in takes 10seconds to go to the "night light" setting, then I alt-tab back to the photo editing app and it takes time to get back to default light...

    I would like an option to adjust the transition time in going from one lighting setting to another (say, from instant, to 10seconds)

  • I think you're saying that your photo editor has a very dark UI, and the browser is a white page?

    If that's true, I would suggest that what we are doing is reasonable for color adaptation, but that the change in luminance/brightness is really big in this situation.

    There is a "great" way to fix this that requires hardware level control, but there may be a middle ground...will think about it.

  • Thank you - though I don't understand why the transition needs to take so long though - would it not be possible to do it with arbitrary length? After all, when I do to flux Preferences, I see the colour temperature slowly decreasing over the course of 10seconds - why would this not be possible in, say, 1second?

  • Have you tried "dim on disable"? It may help.

    Regarding your question:

    The system in the eye that adapts to color (and brightness) takes several minutes to adjust fully.

    So one case for this feature is if you are using Photoshop and quickly responding to some IM messages or emails that come in. And basically you want to stay adapted to the "brighter" condition and not roll back and forth.

    In this case, it turns out flipping between settings very quickly is incredibly disconcerting...the early prototypes were so bad I held back for a couple years on shipping the feature at all. (I thought the slower transition helped a lot!)

    There is no good solution in f.lux right now for changing between white pages and dark ones, but it is important I agree. We have had prototypes of this for years but they basically involve hitting the GPU pretty hard to figure out what the screen contents currently are....impacts battery and overall performance, etc. (There are ways to do this but they are not exposed by the OS.)

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