Inaccurate location detection: latitude and longitude with one decimal place only

  • Hello,

    After one of the last updates (probably the last one, can't remember), whenever I click on the arrow button in order for f.lux to detect my location, it doesn't centre on where I am, but it rounds up to the closest one decimal place latitude and longitude instead. In other words, it's still in the same city, but it's quite off by a few km!

    Previous versions of f.lux had loads of decimal places in the Location field, and the location detection was very accurate.

    Does anyone else experience the same? If so, any way this could be fixed in future updates?

  • We did this on purpose for privacy reasons.

    This only affects sunset timing by about 15 seconds.

  • Cool! Very thoughtful of you. Thank you :) and keep up the good work!

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