f.lux appearing during boot and restart

  • When I restart my computer, the f.lux effect (red tint) appears when the Apple Logo appears with the white loading bar. Also, when switching into bootcamp, the Apple/Microsoft hard drive pictures are all colored from flux as well. What worries me is that this effect stays even after restarting with f.lux disabled, deleting the color profiles for f.lus in System Preferences, and doing all of the above with f.lux completely uninstalled. I would love advice how to remove this, and even better to get this to not happen with f.lux installed.

    Thanks in advance

  • Try the following:
    reinstall f.lux, and set all three (daytime, sunset, and bedtime) to 6500K and leave it there for two days (you can let the computer rest / sleep etc). But make sure f.lux goes through all the changes, power it up each morning, and make sure it's on each night for the "transition" that is not going to change to anything.

    Then again, power up the machine in the morning, and well you get it.

    Then, uninstall f.lux. Then uninstall all color profiles (except ones that you use for the monitor, such as from a hardware calibration). Then reinstall f.lux.

    Sorry this will take a while, but maybe someone has a simpler solution... (maybe just one 24 hour cycle, instead of 48).

  • Ok! I will try this and see how it goes

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