Flux doesn't work at external monitor connected through docking station

  • I bought this docking station fo Mac Air:


    The problem is, that external monitor connected through this docking station (with HDMI) doesn't use Flux settings. I haven't tried DVI cable, but I guess, it would be the same. For monitor connected directly to Mac, Flux works fine.

    Is there any way how to fix it?

  • No DVI might work. Anything that does through usb or that doesn't use a regular video card / cable won't work as most of those sadly don't support color changes.

    Try DVI and report back!
    Oh--if possible don't connect through the docking station as that seems to be the problem.

  • I have an external HP Envy 32" monitor connected to a Mac Mini (late 2014/Yosemite) via DisplayPort/Thunderbolt cable. Will Flux work reliably with this setup? What about the color settings accessible from the monitor's OSD? Do I need to disable/reset any existing hardware settings before running Flux? Does Flux override hardware settings and vice versa?

    Thanks, John Hollister

  • I'm having a similar issue.

    From what I read in this thread, it sounds like I can't run f.lux on both external monitors connected to my MacBook Pro...

    In any case, here are the details:

    I'm using two external monitors with my 2010 MacBook Pro 15"

    One monitor runs off the DisplayPort to VGA adapter, and it runs f.lux properly.

    The other runs off an external DVI video adapter. It plugs into the Mac using USB (it says to use 3 but the Mac has 2 - the display works regardless). To use this adapter, I had to install DisplayLink software. The adapter feeds a VGA cable, like the other monitor does. This monitor does NOT run f.lux.

    Both monitors are ViewSonics.

    I have never had to set the f.lux profile in Display System Preferences for it to work on the Mac's screen as well as the first ViewSonic.

  • @Luigi If you had Thunderbolt it could work, but your computer is too old. It only supports one external monitor connected to the high-quality graphics card in the MacBook Pro. Your USB/DVI adapter actually has another tiny cheap graphics card in it, which isn't up to the task.

  • @Luigi f.lux does not work through anything using USB. This does not go into the video card directly, and f.lux is unable to use this.

  • @Tungsten_smooth Thanks for the explanation.

  • @Elhem-Enohpi Thanks for the explanation.

  • @Luigi Tungsten_Smooth has it right. f.lux customer support replied that f.lux does not at this time work over a USB connection. So even if you are using HDMI or DMI connections from a docking tower to your monitor, if your docking tower connects to the PC by USB, f.lux will definitely not work through the docking station.

    I am exploring by-passing the docking tower with the external monitor by HDMI directly to the micro HDMI in my Lenovo laptop. I expect that will solve the problem but does make the docking connectivity slightly more involved for quick docking and un-docking. If it works, f.lux is worth the extra cable to the PC.

  • I noticed this came out yesterday. Looks like DisplayLink is working on supporting f.lux. Windows only. http://www.displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?p=82958#post82958