Flux doesn't calculate my wake up time correctly, off by 1 hour

  • I set my wake up time to 7am. It's now 7:37 and flux tells me I wake up in 22 minutes. Flux is therefore 1 hour of in its calculation of the correct time (:

    See attached image of flux settings

    0_1497678271099_Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 07.37.28.png

  • Try making sure your Latitude and Longitude have the correct directions, like "N", "W", etc. So if it's 57.7N, 12.0W", then put those letters in there. Make sure it's accurate.

  • I used the location feature and it found me correctly, updated to 57.7N,12E now anyway, still same problem. Don't know how location should read the wrong time anyway. Flux should just read the system time and compare it to 7am.

  • The f.lux server needs to know what your location is so that it knows what your local sunrise and sunset times are (there's no other way to get this information). I'm guessing the times the server has for these coordinates are wrong. You may have to enter a fake location for now. You can find one that works. It's surprisingly easy to do.

  • The sunrise/sunset times aren't broken. The time I get up is broken, that has nothing to do with location (or I just hope it doesn't).

    My local time was 7:30 am when the screenshot was taken. And I set 7 am as my get up time. Flux says my get up time is in 30 min (hence 8 am) which is 1 hour off. So that has nothing to do with location :

  • It's like 2am here. I'm not really at my best. I'm sorry. You're right.

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