Flux pulling focus

  • I play a bunch of different games on a two monitor set up, some border-less windowed and some windowed. F.lux has been working great in doing what it does for me in the past couple years, and I know that it drops frames when it transitions come night time.
    The problem that I am running into is that roughly an hour before transition time; my computer loses focus from whatever program i am currently using at the moment and tabs out to the desktop. Everything is still there, it doesn't minimize any programs, but i'm not in any of them either. So playing games, i just lose control and watch myself hit buttons and hear Windows error pings, or if the game auto pauses when I tab out it does so.
    I have the transition speed to "Gaming" so I assumed it would not be bothering my system, but alas.

    Had anyone had this occurrence, or know of a way to avoid it?

  • Yes that is odd.

    Are you running the v4 beta?

  • I believe so. It says version 4.33.

  • We are doing all the stuff to avoid popping up when there is a fullscreen app (I hope) - does it show a notifier or anything?

    Also just making sure - this is Windows 10, or an earlier version?

  • Sorry, My system is running Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit.
    It shows no pop ups. It just loses focus from my games/windows during set intervals in the day.
    If you have advice or a know-how on checking to see if F.lux is conflicting with something, I would love to know if only to lessen the burden of figuring this out on your end.

  • Thanks - we will do some more debugging on win7.
    I suspect one of the ways we're looking for fullscreen apps only works in win10.

  • @herf Just to add (not OP), this isn't really a fullscreen program, but a desktop program that just takes up the whole screen.

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