f.lux beta for Windows

  • Hi everyone - f.lux v4 is the main download now for Windows users.

    You can download it here: https://justgetflux.com/flux-setup4.exe

    And release notes (updated as we go) over here: https://justgetflux.com/news/pages/v4/readme/

    What's new:

    • Analyzes your displays to show you how bright they are to your body: adjust your backlight and watch!
    • Bedtime mode: warmer light before bed gets you ready for sleep, and works with all kinds of schedules
    • Disable by app (so you don't forget Photoshop)
    • Backwards alarm clock: reminder not to stay up late
    • Presets to help adjust your settings
    • Color filters for eyestrain and other uses
    • A wider range of color settings
    • New hotkeys to adjust color (alt+shift+PgUp and alt+shift+PgDn)


    • Reduced impact on game framerates
    • Resolution independent interface, for high DPI displays
    • DisplayLink monitors (connected by USB) work in a lot more cases now

    Smart Lighting:

    • Hue integration now supports more light types
    • LAN API with support for telling other devices when f.lux changes

    Love to know what you think!


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